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    Re-opening your premises? These handy tips will help get your water and waste running safely and smoothly.

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    Run your taps Start with the tap nearest to where mains water enters the building and run every tap by itself until the water is cool and clear. Water held in a storage cistern or tank for some time should be emptied and re-filled before use.   Wash appliances Wash, flush and rinse all appliances […]

    Message from Scottish Water: Legionella Reminder

    Following our post on 29th May 2020 titled “Water UK: Recovering Water Supplies after Prolonged Inactivity”, Scottish Water have asked us to remind customers about the dangers of legionella. Unfortunately, there has been an outbreak of legionella at a number of buildings which have opened recently, after being closed for the lockdown. Water UK has […]

    Charges Relief Schemes Announced

    The industry’s regulator, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), has launched two Charges Relief Schemes to provide additional support to businesses in Scotland facing difficulties with their water and sewerage charges during this challenging time.   Prepayment Refund Scheme This Scheme ensures Licensed Providers offer a part-refund to customers who have pre-paid their Charges […]

    Water UK: Recovering Water Supplies after Prolonged Inactivity

    Water UK has published a guide for businesses on recovering drinking water supplies after a prolonged period of inactivity. It can be found here. The note provides guidance to building owners, landlords, managers and to those who operate “Refill” schemes. It explains the steps necessary once access to buildings is permitted, as to how to […]

    Pure Utilities Corona Virus Information

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    The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation is changing daily, but the support and services we provide to our customers aren’t. We’re always here to help our customers the best we possibly can, especially during these unprecedented times. Like many businesses, PURE is directly affected by this pandemic but we remain operating close to normal levels and continue […]

    Scottish Landlord Portal

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    A new website portal has been launched to help commercial Landlords update and manage the tenancy and occupancy details of their non-domestic properties. The ‘Scottish Landlord Portal’ has been created and is hosted by the Central Market Agency (CMA Scotland). Landlords are now required by Law to inform water suppliers of the occupancy status of […]

    Licensed to Trade

    Pure Utilities

    We are pleased to announce that PURE (CGV) Limited, trading as ‘Pure Utilities’, is now a fully-Licenced Provider of Water and Waste Water Services to business customers in Scotland. Having signed-up our first customers, PURE now welcomes enquiries from other business users in Scotland looking for savings on their water bills and First Class customer […]