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    The industry’s regulator, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), has updated the Charges Relief Scheme to provide further support to businesses in Scotland who have recently been, or are continuing to be affected by COVID-19.


    2021 Wholesale Charge Deferral Scheme (2021 WCDS)

    This updated Scheme consists of two parts:

    • Part A – This is for small and medium-sized businesses who have recently been, or are continuing to be, directly affected by COVID-19. Standard size (25mm or less) metered, as well as unmetered and drainage-only customers, may be eligible for a temporary deferral of their Charges from 1st May 2021. When the Scheme ends on 31st March 2022, customers who have not already begun to repay their Deferred Charges will need to begin making payments. Deferral support could potentially provide cashflow benefits to affected customers. However, if a customer already has a payment plan in place, their existing arrangement may be better suited, to prevent accruing charges.


    • Part B – This provides temporary support for eligible customers with a mains supply without a water meter, who have been, or are continuing to be, directly affected by COVID-19. These unmeasured customers may be eligible for a temporary removal of Usage Charges for their affected period. Fixed Charges will continue as these cover elements not associated with consumption. Once accepted, customers are required to notify us when they recommence trading, as Usage Charges should then resume. Please note, should Scottish Water identify trading has continued or recommenced without notification, they will restart Usage Charges, which may be backdated.


    Our Commitment to Affected Customers

    We will:

    • Review all applications within 5 Business Days (but aim to do so within 2)
    • Not apply any fees or penalties in relation to the Scheme
    • Talk through available options to create the best support package for their circumstances


    Please Contact Us

    Many businesses are still impacted by COVID-19, but the support and services we can provide to our customers are readily available. We’re operating back at normal levels and continue to deliver our first class service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need or wish to discuss support.

    For more information about the 2021 WCDS, or if the COVID-19 situation is affecting your ability to pay, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0330 113 3050 or customerservice@pureutilities.co.uk