water supply

Standard Services

Whether it’s water only, drainage or even full services, your water supply is crucial to the smooth operation of your business. We cater for all business types and sizes; from corner shops up to some of the largest multi-nationals and everyone in between. We promise to provide great deals to all our customers with services tailored to individual needs. 

none standard services

Non-Standard Services

PURE is committed to serving non-standard customers, such as premises with trade effluent supplies. We produce competitive, bespoke quotations and our team can assist with any non-standard supply questions you may have.

ebilling for water supply


Go paperless! Ebilling is the greenest, most environmentally-friendly way to receive your bill. PURE has a strong environmental ethic and we reward our customers with an additional discount for choosing Ebilling. 

water meter installation

Meter Installation

It’s possible that substantial savings can be made by having a meter installed. Many unmeasured customers are eligible for a free water reassessment. In some cases, the benefits and cost-savings far outweigh any installation cost. Scottish Water may also install a meter for free – contact us to find out more. 

Water Providers in Scotland

Smart Meters and AMR

The very latest in water meter reading services will become available from PURE which can help remove the hassle of submitting meter readings, allowing you to concentrate on your business. Automatic Meter Readers (AMR) are ideal for multi-site locations by using the latest technology which will help PURE analyse and develop dynamic consumption reports, tailored to individual customer requirements. Comparing site data has never been easier. Comparing site data will never have been easier. By using PURE tools, customers will be able to identify possible leaks, spikes in consumption and check comparisons between their sites.

water and environment


PURE promises to give customers correct, accurate information and advice on technical issues relating to water supply, usage, waste water and drainage. We offer a free survey pack, downloadable from our website to assess efficiency and environmental impact. PURE can also supply easy-to-install water efficiency products for taps and toilets, which can help reduce consumption.