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    How can we help you?

    With the recent warm and mainly dry weather, Scottish Water is urging people and businesses across the country to help maintain normal water supplies by being as efficient as possible in how much water they use every day.

    Last weekend over just two days, customers used an additional 200 mega litres (200 million litres), the equivalent of 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools and with more warm weather forecast and limited rainfall expected. We kindly ask all customers to ensure you are using water efficiently throughout their businesses, particularly at this time.

    Arran and the east of Fife are two areas where levels of water use has increased significantly. The combination of warm, dry weather and the seasonal surge in visitor numbers has resulted in Scottish Water having to deploy twenty-five tankers so far across Arran to add around 750,000 litres of water to parts of the network where usage is particularly high. Other areas which are seeing an increased level of summer visitor numbers are also likely to experience higher than normal water use.

    Your actions can help make a significant difference. Thank you.