Submit a Meter Read

We welcome any meter readings you can supply.

Note: You should only take a meter reading if it is safe to do so.

Tip 1 To ensure the accuracy of your bills, your meter reading should be taken and submitted as close to the end of your bill period as possible, this is usually the end of each month.

Tip 2 If you are expecting the volume of usage to reduce for an extended period, such as Holiday Accommodation, when out of season you should try and provide two reads once the period has commenced. This will ensure estimates will be based on usage within the low volume period.

Please enter your meter reading in the form below:


    Reading your meter

    Serial number The meter serial number is unique and should match the serial number detailed on your bills. If not, you could be paying for someone else’s water.

    Black and white numbers The black and white numbers show how much water you have used, each increment represents a cubic meter (1,000 litres). This is the number you should give us when submitting your meter read.

    Red numbers This is the volume used between cubic meter increments and should be ignored when submitting the read.