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    Run your taps

    Start with the tap nearest to where mains water enters the building and run every tap by itself until the water is cool and clear.

    Water held in a storage cistern or tank for some time should be emptied and re-filled before use.


    Wash appliances

    Wash, flush and rinse all appliances thoroughly before use. This should include kettles, coffee machines, drinks & ice makers, water dispensers, etc.


    Flush toilets & clean showers

    Flush and clean all toilets and showers thoroughly before use. Check any water-saving devices are in working order – remove and replace, as necessary.


    Heating systems

    Ensure heating systems have the correct water level and if required, top-up before use.


    Food-related premises

    Before re-opening your business, ensure all equipment has been thoroughly degreased, cleaned or replaced, as necessary.

    Check your drains are running freely and there are no blockages, as there could be a sudden increase in sewerage flow with so many businesses re-opening.

    Encourage your staff not to put kitchen or food waste down the drain and use a strainer or sink sieve whenever possible. Remember, you shouldn’t use a sink or drain to dispose of any fats, oil, grease, milk or beer products.

    Scottish Water have prepared a more detailed guide for Food Service Establishments.


    Further information is available from PURE or through Scottish Water’s website: www.scottishwater.co.uk/help-and-resources/coronavirus-alert