At PURE, we’re passionate about helping you save water. We have several ways to help you cut your water consumption and save money on your bill at the same time.

On this page, you’ll find our Top Tips on saving water, how to enquire about easy-to-install products to help reduce your water consumption and you can also download our free self-efficiency survey, to help pin-point where you can make savings.

Reducing water consumption in the workplace has many benefits, with cost just being one. It can help your business comply with existing or future environmental legislation and reduce your carbon footprint. It can also help improve your environmental performance and provide the opportunity to benefit from positive PR in your company’s advertising and website presentations.

Educate your Workforce

  • Inform your employees about the importance and practices of water efficiency
  • Set targets for usage or reduction levels to encourage Company-wide participation
  • Water efficiency relates to lower bills, improving profitability, safe-guarding jobs

Site Maintenance

  • Identify where your water pipes run and where to find stop valves, in case of a burst pipe
  • When water isn’t being used, monitor, identify and repair any leakage points
  • Prepare for cold weather by either insulating pipes or draining them
  • Install automatic or waterless urinals, automatic taps, water Hippos in cisterns, tap aerators
  • Check appliance water efficiency settings regularly and ensure they are working correctly
  • Consider investing in a professional, on-site audit to highlight potential savings

Water Recycling

  • Install water butts to collect and store rain water as an extremely cost-effective alternative source of water for non-human consumption, such as washing vehicles or equipment
  • Consider investing in a professional, on-site water recycling audit to identify possible savings

More water-saving information will be available shortly. Please download our FREE self-efficiency assessment survey to ensure your property is water-tight! 

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