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    Please find Scottish Water’s recent Press Release below:



    Scottish Water teams are working hard to trace and repair leaks across water networks in the north-east, following the impacts of last week’s extreme low temperatures and the thaw now underway.

    Local response teams are continuing to work across the region to maintain normal service for customers wherever possible. They are appealing for customers and property owners to help in locating leaks, whether on the public water network or in private plumbing.

    They are particularly asking customers in these areas to check any empty properties, business premises, holiday homes, basements, out houses, field troughs or garden taps to identify where there may be any burst pipes.

    Leaks and bursts within vacant premises could result in flooding and damage to properties and Scottish Water is encouraging all customers to check, where possible in line with current Covid-19 travel guidelines.

    A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “We are hugely grateful to customers for their patience and understanding while our teams have been working around the clock to maintain and restore water supplies in recent days.

    “We are continuing to see very high demand for water in many areas, arising from the impacts of the weather on pipes, which has potential to impact upon customer supplies in some areas of the north-east. We are doing all we can to locate bursts on the public network and keep drinking water storage tanks replenished, including bringing in extra water via road tanker where possible.

    “Our teams are targeting the areas with highest flows in order to find and repair any bursts or leaks. Any support property owners or members of the public can give us with locating issues is appreciated. We would also ask customers to check around their own homes, and any other properties they look after, in order to isolate and repair any burst pipes. This will minimise damage and assist us with maintaining supplies for customers across the area.”

    Where customers are aware of leaks or bursts on the public water network, they are asked to contact Scottish Water with as much detail of the location as possible. Issues can be reported via the online reporting portal on Scottish Water’s website at www.scottishwater.co.uk/report.