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    The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) today published its final determination of the charges that will apply for water and sewerage services for the period 2015-21.

    Under the determination, household customers’ bills will increase below the rate of inflation over the six-year regulatory control period. Typical household bills will increase by £5 or less each year. For business customers, Scottish Water will be permitted to increase its wholesale charges at no more than CPI-0.3% per year over the period 2015-21. Chief Executive Alan Sutherland said:

    “We believe that our final determination is good for customers; good for our environment in Scotland; and good for the Scottish economy. It will allow Scottish Water to build on what it has achieved over the past five years while ensuring that customers receive value for money and the further improvements in service they want.

    “Price increases that are capped at less than the level of inflation over the period will provide certainty in difficult economic times while ensuring that Scottish Water has the resources to deliver the objectives set by the Scottish Ministers for the industry.”

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